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Divine Oasis 
Women's Club

"Awaken Your Inner Goddess, Ignite Your Success"

Who are we?

Divine Oasis is a Women's ONLY Club that focuses on awakening our inner purpose and goddess, to help us be more successful and THRIVE as women.

We are a Sisterhood that will be there for one another and support each other with resources, knowledge, and support! We have Meet & Greets, Recruiting Events, Birthday Dinners, Content Creation Sessions, Community events and so much more! 


Our why?

We created this Women's Club because we feel as though us women need each other for support and encouragement. We also love to build friendships that are genuine and cohesive to our path in life. That is being the goddesses that we are but still having a BOSS like mentality and authority. Us women are EXTREMLY powerful and its time we come together and ignite our power and success!

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Let's Get Started

Thanks for your interest in becoming a member of Divine Oasis! We will be in touch shortly Goddess! 

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“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.”

― Oprah Winfrey

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Roles were accepting

  • Basic Members (No managing role)

  • Membership Coordinator 

  • Event Planner

  • Wellness Coordinator

  • Financial Advisor 

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Community Engagement Outreach

  • Volunteer Coordinator

What each role consist of?

  • Basic Member- Invited to all basic functions and can share their talents with the group!

  • Membership Coordinator- Manages membership applications, on boarding new members, maintaining member records, handles inquiries, facilitate communication between members.

  • Event Planner- Organize club events, workshops, retreats and networking opportunities. Coordinates logistics, secure venues, manage vendors, ensures everything runs smoothly.

  • Wellness Coordinator- Oversees the holistic wellness programs and activities offered by the club. They collaborate with wellness experts, arrange workshops, and develop personalized wellness plans for members.

  • Financial Advisor- Offers financial guidance and education to club members. They may organize wealth-building workshops, provide investment advice, and help members plan for financial success.

  • Marketing & Communication- Handles the club's marketing initiatives, including social media management, website maintenance, content creation, and member communications. They promote events, share valuable content, and maintain brand consistency.

  • Community Engagement Outreach- Fosters a sense of community among club members. They organize networking events, facilitate member collaborations, and encourage engagement.

  • Volunteer Coordinator- Organizes volunteer initiatives and philanthropic activities for the club. They coordinate with charitable organizations, promote volunteer opportunities, and encourage members to participate in giving back to the community.

Please fill out the form above if you have more questions. We will send out an email with more information and a registration link if you are interested in joining us! 

Thank you for your time beautiful Goddess, I hope to see YOU soon!

XO- Millie ;)

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