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Database Information &  FAQs

Welcome to the largest database that provides information about Herbs, Dis-ease, Detoxing, Mindset/Motivation and more! 

We created this database because it was a need for information about certain Herbs and Dis-eases, that could tremendously help a lot of people. Just simply having access to a database like this will enlighten your knowledge and give you the opportunity to try a holistic, natural approach to self healing. 

Just like too much of anything isn't good for you. It is the same with herbs. We have to be careful with how much we consume and how long we consume it! 

We provide benefits of each herb and will be updating each herb with more information. For example- Who shouldn't take the herbs due to a certain condition they may be dealing with, and also side effects of the herbs (if any). This update will be done on a continuous bases everyday until all herbs are updated.

Please remember we are simply a database of herbs and dis-eases and all research has been done by the Alkahlivin Team. We encourage you to do further research on anything that may spark your interest. We are simply sharing our knowledge to give you a jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle. Please advise your doctor before ordering or consuming any herbs!

We appreciate your support and hope you find all the tools here useful! If there are further questions about the site or in general please feel free to contact me via the chat box on the Home Page. Also consider joining our Group Discussion to get a more detailed answer about your question and have access to our community networking events!

  • How do I upgrade my membership from "Basic" to "Ultimate"?
    If you purchased the "Basic" Membership and would like to join the "Ultimate" Membership, you would have to cancel you're "Basic" Membership Plan and purchase the "Ultimate" Membership Plan.
  • How do I know if a Herb is safe for me?
    All of our Herbs will be updated daily with more information as to whether its safe for certain people with pervious conditions. We have 100's of Herbs that require that information and I assure you we are working on it! If you require more information in the mean time please do the proper research on that specific Herb or join our Group Discussion to talk more in depth and get your questions answered​.
  • Where can I purchase the Herbs in your video's?
    "There is a link at the bottom of each page for each Herb that will direct you to where you can purchase your Herbs. If that Herb isn't available through that link kindly send me an inquiry via the Chat Box on the Home Page or join our Group Discussions to have that question answered and more!"
  • How do I join the Group Discussions?
    Group Discussions are available FREE of charge if you have joined our "Ultimate" Membership Plan. If not, there are individual meetings available to attend here.
  • How do I cancel my plan?
    If you wish to Cancel any Memberships please send us a message as to why and we will be more than happy to assist you.
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