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Herbs and Condiment


Unleash the power of true knowledge!


What Alkahlivin has to offer

Herbal Tea


Gain access to the LARGEST Database of Herbs and their benefits on the body

Gain access to an A-Z List of Dis-eases and Herbs that help


Gain access on how to detox the 10 Major Systems in the body plus Detox & Motivation newsletters

Herbal Remedies


Gain access to our Group Discussions, Networking Events and Yearly Retreats! 

Basic & Ultimate Memberships

Our Memberships include:


  • A-Z List of Herbs and the benefits each herb has on the body!

  • List of Dis-eases and herbs to help with each Dis-ease!

  • A list of the 10 Major Systems in the body and multiple herbs to detox each system!

  • Access to Group Q&A calls (twice a month)

  • Free access to Quarterly Seminars/ Events

  • FREE access to all Programs that are for sale on the site!

  • Access to 'The Juice & Herbal Detox" eBook!

  • Access to "The Journey to YOU" eBook!


Click "Join Now!" to become a Member of Alkahlivin Academy!

H.E.R.B.A.L Detox Challenge!

The H.E.R.B.A.L Detox challenge is meant to help you purge the body of toxins, re-set your systems and promote peace and abundance in your life! It is an amazing journey that will not only open your mind to the many possibilities of healing and self-awareness, but also an incredible experience with a group of people that want and strive for the same! 


Click "Tell me more!" to see what all comes with our H.E.R.B.A.L Detox Challenge!

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Ready for a RETREAT?

Join us 3 times a year for an amazing RE-SET! 

Our retreats will provide value, experiences and a release of the pressure WE ALL run into in life. 

Click "Learn More" to see what's all included in our Retreats!


"Thanks Millicent! What you’re doing is amazing! You’re helping so many people! I pray much success over Alkahlivin."

NIKKI BROWN- Detox Challenge Attendee

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Enjoy Detoxify Products for your everyday needs!

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